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black-ladynyong-deactivated2014 asked: Hello Mr Ewing we will see lokis dad Odin your comic ?Do you think COMIC Loki is Bisexual ? Loki is the Norse IS Bisexual . [Loki is a bisexual, shape-shifting norse God].


I think Odin will be talked about but not seen.

Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that. He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.

So close.


The Posey Glomp is the best. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise.



The Posey Glomp is the best. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise.



Same-Sex Marriage Decision Documented on Instagram

To see more photos and videos from today’s demonstrations, visit the location page for the Supreme Court of the United States, and browse the #DOMA and #SCOTUS hashtags.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a landmark decision invalidating the Defense of Marriage Act, a law barring the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage.

The historic occasion is being documented on Instagram by the thousands of people who turned out in front of the Supreme Court—some even camping through the night—to hear the decision, which was announced shortly after 10 a.m. ET.

See photos and videos as they happen by visiting the Supreme Court location page.

(via npr)

A good morning in America. Goodbye DOMA & Prop8.

June 26, 2013. Remember that date. A day to celebrate.

SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and Prop8 imminent.

[UPDATE 7:02] DOMA ruling in…5-4 per Kennedy…The Defense of Marriage Act is struck down. DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.

The Ruling:

[UPDATE 7:17] Prop8 ruling hasn’t been released yet, but it sounds (in DOMA ruling) like it’ll be dismissed due to Prop8-proponent’s lack of standing (i.e. they didn’t have the right to appeal the case to the higher courts when state representatives refused to do so). Thus the lower court’s ruling would stand, and marriage equality would return to California. We shall see…

[UPDATE 7:] The Prop8 case is dismissed on standing, the lower court’s ruling stands. Marriage equality is coming back to California!

The Ruling:

Waiting to hear from SCOTUS on marriage cases.

[UPDATE] Not today. There are just three cases remaining for the Justices to rule on - Hollingsworth v. Perry (the Prop 8 case), United States v. Windsor (the Defense of Marriage Act case), and Sekhar (the case involving whether a lawyer’s advice is property for purposes of the Hobbs Act).

Today the court ruled that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. I’m not 100% what that means yet, but it sounds bad.

[UPDATE2] Chief Justice Roberts just announced that tomorrow will be the last day and the court will release all the remaining opinions.

Mark your calendars, ladies and gents, TOMORROW IS THE DAY OF DECISION FOR PROP8 & DOMA! [10amET/7amPT]